Hero Node

Compatible Public Blockchain

Hero Node is compatible with all existing public blockchains that support smart contracts in the market, including ETH, QTUM, IPFS, and provides a unified API interface

  • heronode add eth
  • heronode add qtum

Rapid Deployment

usingheronode run Start a node within 5 seconds!

Cross Public Blockchain Development

Hero Node supports store different data on different blockchain for development

Fully Decentralized

Hero Node supports public blockchain synchronization, secure storage, FAAS, and decentralized node maintained by miners

Convenient For Development

Provides multi-stack SDK, iOS, Android, Web and various API calls

Write Once, Run Anywhere

Use Javascript to develop the full platform DApp

DApp can run on iOS, Android, Web platform

Write once, run anywhere

Rapidly Hot deployment of your DApp

More user-friendly writing interface of smart contract

Blockchain development only needs basic knowledge and does not need to master various blockchain agreements and bottoms

Fully decentralized visit

  • IPFS: support the deployment on IPFS
  • SmartContract: support rapidly deploy the smart contract to all the public blockchain
  • Hero Node: will deploy more than 100 nodes in the world over the next few years and allow anyone to install Hero Node independently
Easy Use

No Server required

Hero node synchronizes data and files based on global nodes without requiring a centralized server

No domain name required

Directly access to the address, fast arrival

No database required

All the data are stored on the blockchain, safe and reliable

Fog Computing vs Cloud Computing

You will not worry about data loss by using Fog computing

Compared to Cloud computing, fog computing are more guaranteed in data security

Fog computing solves the problem of a minority controlling the entire network

Compared to Cloud computing, fog computing allows the majority to make decisions on the trend of entire network

The bankruptcy of commercial companies of fog computing does not affect the operation of existing applications

Compared to Cloud computing, nodes of fog computing will not be affected by the bankruptcy of some entities


  • Implementation
  • By the end of April, 2018
    the production node will be implemented, including basic functions such as Ethereum, IPFS, etc.
  • By the end of June, 2018
    the Hero Node official DApp will be launched, and more nodes will be deployed.
  • By the end of August 2018
    more unofficial DApps will be launched and the nodes will support more public chains.
  • By the end of December 2018
    the DApp development environment SDK and other tools will be completed and mature.
  • Incentives
  • By the end of January 2019
    the Hero Node node will allow anyone to run it and get incentive tokens. The tokens will be issued at a relatively fixed amount automatically in a semi-centralized way.
  • To the community
  • By the end of December 2019
    We already have consensus algorithms based on POWs and POCs in research and development. After we confirm that it has been mature enough, we will make it possible to obtain the incentive tokens by consensus algorithms automatically. The bookkeeping of token will be achieved by its own public chain.
Our founding team members mainly come from the top financial technology companies such as Dianrong
  • Guoping Liu

    Founder, the author of Hero Cross-platform development framework, serial entrepreneur

  • Daniel Li

    Experts of Distributed Database, senior developer of Blockchain

  • Carl Zhu

    the author of Hero Cross-platform development framework, years of blockchain development experience

  • Jacob Yu

    Geek, Entrepreneur, ten years’ development experience, full stack developer

  • Mason Zhang

    Years of development experience, senior developer of Blockchain

  • John Patrick

    Overseas Director of Business Strategy, LinkedIn FinTech Influencer, APAC Regional Director FinTech Connector and former research analyst at Guotai Junan Securities

  • Bella Yang

    Data scientist, worked at FaceBook, Airbnb and other unicorn companies in Silicon Valley

  • Lilian Lin

    CMO, she received a master degree of Illinois Institute of Technology in America, served as branding director in Volkswagen, PPDF and Wheat Financial

  • Eric Clark Su

    Oversea Partner

The platform for the industry celebrities
  • Kevin Guo

    The founder of StarWin Capital

  • Richard Wang

    DFJ DragonFund China

  • Jerry Liu

    Research Fellow, Center for Internet and Society, Stanford University

Institutional investors
They say
"With the needs of people pursuing fairness, trust and security, I think that blockchain application (DApp) will be a great development in the next 10 years"
Kevin Guo
The founder of StarWin Capital
"Hero is the most hack technical team I have ever met, and Hero Node itself is a very innovative product, and I believe it will become one of the infrastructures in the blockchain world"
Richard Wang
DFJ DragonFund China
"Recommend Hero Node to you, it’s a very innovative concept which will surely be the new form of future applications"
Jerry Liu
Research fellow of Internet and social center of Stanford University