Hero Node Incentives Plan
Hero Node is a cross-public-blockchain and cross-platform DApp development platform and solution
Final deposit date: 2018-7-31
Unlock date: 2019-7-30
Duration: 364 Days
Investment profit: 30% + --
Token deposited: -- HER

1. The tokens we use to pay the interest comes from the crowdsale refund program.

2. The Floating rate is calculated by dividing all participating users into 30 million tokens.

3. Make sure you've installed the metamask plugin in your browser.

4. Make sure the "deposit" button is available before you do the deposit.

5. The Deposit operation needs two transactions by metamask, so please DO NOT interrupt the process or refresh the page during the operation.

6. When the lockup plan reached the unlock date, the withdraw button should be available. From there on you can start the withdraw operation.

7. If you forget to withdraw, your tokens will also be sent back to your account.

My Balance
Deposited Tokens: -- HER
Rewards: -- HER
Variable Bonus: About -- HER
Total Tokens: About -- HER